Where Are You Going?

I love the NY Subway. It takes you exactly where you want to go. It's entertaining. It's inexpensive. Of course, there can be struggles. But in the end, if planned well, you get where you want to go. Where are you going?

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Where is your communication plan taking you?


I love sports and fitness, and hanging around with creative people. When I got a chance to enter the Mixed Martial Arts industry about two years ago, I jumped at it because I knew it was a fitness revolution plus an amazing sport. More impressive is the infinite creativity of so many MMA trainers and athletes. It’s inspiring.


What Stands Out?

Crowded – with people, with signs, with communication. The density of NYC’s Chinatown is intense. And it’s amazing that any message can cut through the audible and visual noise. That’s true in more places than just Canal St. How can your story be heard? That’s what we do at HansenHouse Communication.

NYC Chinatown Street

It Is Not What You Think

Winter gets a bad rap – the cold, the darkness. But it’s not fair, and it’s not true. In one backyard I love, cardinals come forth each winter, filling snowy boughs with a rich redness not seen in summer months. Their appearance helps winter tell a whole different story. You just have to be open to seeing and hearing that tale.



I’m a frustrated gardener, struggling to produce beauty from these thorny rose bushes that scratch at my hands and my soul. I work with them outdoors, hoping I can get from them the rewards I know are within. It never seems enough, until I get one inside. That came from such unfriendly soil? Think of the possibilities.

Single Rose

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